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Honolulu Web Design

We love to design beautiful, super-fast, well-organized, nicely responsive, and search-engine-friendly websites that bring success to Hawaii businesses.

Our Philosophy: Your Online Success

Great web design involves a set of highly individual tasks, including captivating content, attractive layouts, seamless code on all pages, search engine optimization, and reliable webhosting. Because of Due to the very individual intensive nature of all these jobsobjectives, we can offer our web design services in Honolulu only to a limited number of clients.

We like to work very closely with Hawaii business owners who see the potential for significant growth for their company by choosing the best online strategy. Our goal for your new website designed by 11 Clicks is to generate more daily visitors, higher number of customers, and increased sales.

Our Web-design Process: Six Steps

Free Initial Assessment

Let’s start with a no-obligation personal meeting where we’d like to learn as much as we can about your Hawaii business, your customers, your competitors, and the trends in your market. We’ll show you samples of our work and explain how our websites help our clients. We will also provide initial recommendations for your online marketing strategies.

First Design Sketches

In less than a week, we’ll present our first layouts for your new website. In some cases, the pages will show dummy text and suggested keywords (the final text gets implemented later). The first draft also addresses the menu structure, how visitors navigate through the site, and the placement of pictures and video.

Photographs and Illustration

Original pictures always make better impressions than stock photos. You don’t want your site showing the very same smiling family that’s already on the sites of many other dentists or the same Hawaii home featured by countless other home improvement competitors. 11 Clicks has an in-house photographer, so you get great, original shots of your products, business exterior or interior, employees, and management.

Writing and Organization

11 Clicks will organize all written content to help visitors quickly find what they’re looking for. Sometimes, the text gets expanded with keywords for better search engine optimization and sometimes the texts gets trimmed and tightened for improved readability.

Website Programming

Once we have the new content ready, we start the coding phase. At 11 Clicks, we strongly believe that the speed of the website is one of the key contributors to its success. Bloated websites with non-descriptive videos or lengthy slideshows might seem attractive at first, but they usually don’t create a suitable user experience (including mobile devices) or a search-engine-friendly site.

Web Hosting and Testing

11 Clicks can also assess your current hosting provider, and if necessary, help you switch to more reliable or faster hosting services. Your new website is thoroughly tested for speed and browser compatibility by our rigorous testing procedures. We employ more than 100 checks for different technical factors, different access locations, different browsers, and different devices.

Start with a winning digital marketing strategy.

Online Marketing

Manage your successful online presence to grow your business.

For most Hawaiian businesses, marketing plays a key role in prospering and even surviving. It is both an art and a science to offer the right products as well as to find and keep the right customers. A strong brand and a loyal customer base are vital assets that can have an outsized influence on the value of your company.

Although the digital revolution doesn’t change traditional marketing concepts that incorporate customer needs, target markets, competition, product value, branding, marketing channels, and supply chain, it does bring new realities into the game.


Digital Marketing Tools

  • Brand Identity
  • Website Analytics
  • Online Review Management
  • Online Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Competition Monitoring
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Social Media Marketing

Let your website climb to higher positions in search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Search Engine Optimization

Each day, Google processes more than 3.5 billion searches, delivering 3.5 billion different pages of search results. The problem is, almost every user clicks only on the top three results on any search-results page. If your page shows up among those first three results for your relevant keyword, you gain a tremendous amount of free traffic to your website.

How SEO Works

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves a series of small, coordinated adjustments to your website (called on-page optimization) and building your online credibility and relevance (called off-page optimization). Usually, a single tweak has very little impact, but when you assemble a series of tweaks, coordinated together in the right way, they produce an enormous impact on the search results in a short span of time. They also impact the user’s experience on your site.

Search engines rely on a web page’s keyword content, site architecture, and links from other websites (called backlinks). If a website predominantly uses only images and very little text, search engines basically can't "grab" anything to index and score. On the other hand, if your website has well-written text about your business using your keywords, loads quickly, and uses many links from other credible sources pointing to it, you have great chance to leap ahead of your competition.


Do you know how many visitors find you on Google or Bing each day? Which keywords do they use? For how many different keywords will your company show up on the first page of Google search results? In this first step, we set up monthly monitoring of your search performance and compare it to your competitors.

The Hard Work

A number of areas affect search-engine performance – and it can be overwhelming. But a good strategy will make the whole process much simpler. Based on our observations, we propose realistic goals and suggest a savvy plan of action that fits your resources.

Website Audit

Our website audits find weak areas and provide very specific recommendations for improvement. Our checklist includes more than 50 items. Here are some with the biggest impact:

  • Possible malware
  • Broken links
  • Titles and descriptions
  • Headings in the texts
  • Keyword consistency
  • Keyword frequency
  • Metadata
  • Page names
  • Correlating link names
  • Image compressions
  • Above the fold content
  • Load time
  • Possible malware
  • Image alt attributes
  • Already indexed pages
  • Robots.txt and sitemap.xml
  • Favicons for all platforms
  • Domain registration
  • Mobile user experience
  • Custom error page
  • Error page monitor
  • Backlinks
  • Social media exposure
  • Local directories

Enhance the perception of your business with professional pictures


Say goodbye to stock photos and pictures taken with smartphones. Say hello to professional photography.

Many Hawaiian businesses still use the free stock photos supplied by automated site builders. Or they use pictures taken by cell phones or consumer cameras. Your business deserves better. Get your own professional photos to drive home the message that your company is a successful and growing business.

Drawing on Slava Slavik's extensive background in various fields of photography, 11 Clicks offers professional commercial and advertising photography.


Update Pictures on Your Website with Professional Photographs

  • Portraits of business owners
  • Portraits of customers for testimonials
  • Group photos of employees
  • Real estate photos
  • Business interiors
  • Pictures of products

We are a Honolulu web design agency focused on the online success of our clients.

About 11 Clicks

11 Clicks was founded by Slava Slavik to help Hawaiian businesses increase their potential and improve their online presence.

Slava Slavik

Slava Slavik, owner

When Slava moved to Hawaii, he planned to continue his career as a successful, highly sought wedding and portrait photographer.

During his first months in Hawaii, he provided friendly assistance to three local businesses with their online presence. He devised a framework to quickly and efficiently craft a new online strategy, redesign the website, and dramatically improve site searchability to take a business to an entirely new level. One of his first clients doubled its sales within two months after their new website launched – and 11 Clicks, a Hawaii online success agency, was off and running, too.

Slava has a background in computer science, marketing, and photography. He was born in Czechoslovakia where he cofounded his first company, ZONER Software and led its sales, marketing, and operations. The company started with one product, a graphics editor, and gradually made its name in multimedia publishing, web hosting, and photo-management software. Slava’s work in photo-management software sparked his passion for photography. In 2004, Slava moved to the U.S., helped establish the local office of ZONER Software, and, started his professional photography studio. He sold his shares at ZONER, and over the years, his photography grew from a basement hobby to a full-time business with its own commercial location. In December 2015, Slava moved to Oahu to fulfill his lifelong dream of living in Hawaii. Slava’s vision is to create a well-respected online success agency in Honolulu to help local businesses build a successful online presence.